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New to 2022, the excellence academy is for outstanding individuals from Professionals to below 4 handicap. 

High-performance coaching and training program for competitive golfers 


  • Coaching and training for performance at professional or national level

  • Guidance and support with advancing your career in golf​

  • Coaching and training at a variety of venues including links, heathland, parkland and Championship length venues

  • Skills Training; On-Course Sessions; Mental Game Training; GC Quad Training; Event Prep

To have individual success through a team approach at the academy. 

A group environment which allows elite amateurs and pros to train together in a high performance competitive environment.



I'm the Head Coach of the Junior Academy at Eaton Golf Club, Chester. 

We have beginner golfers from the age of 5 all the way to Elite junior golfers. 

Beginner and Advanced Juniors

We have 3 group programs for beginner golfers up to 20 handicap. This is through a 3 level tier system in which each golfer has to achieve a certain criteria to pass the level.

This varies from key skills such as chipping to on course ability.

Elite Juniors

The Elite program involves a scholarship program, monitored practice sessions combined with personalised training programs. Currently Eaton has 6 Elite juniors in the County squad.

If your interested in your child being part of one of the best junior academies in the North West please get in touch. 

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